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Marriage success and failure
Among the people with unusually poor average marital success are those who:

  • have little education

  • have little to no religiosity

  • live in the South & West

  • had parents divorcing before they were age 16 (females only)

  • lived with their spouses before marrying

  • married before age 20

From "With This Ring . . . A National Survey on Marriage in America" - by National Fatherhood Initiative

Download pdf of survey



"The Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and
Unwed Childbearing"
A Report to The Nation from the Institute
for American Values.



Our Vision...

to help lower the divorce rate in our communities by preparing, strengthening and restoring marriages.

Our Mission...

to promote, in all communities the signing of a marriage policy or covenant, to promote marriage enrichment education, and create a network of mentor couples that will teach relationship, communication and conflict resolution skills in their respective communities.

Marriage Builders Resource Center will help you to create a safety net in your communities by training Mentor Couples to help other couples:

  • Avoid bad marriages before they begin
  • Give "marriage insurance" to the engaged
  • Strengthen your existing marriage
  • Restore even the most troubled marriages
  • Reconcile half of separated couples
  • Enable stepfamilies to be successful

Marriage Builders is a member
of the Community Mobilization Team of The Marriage CoMission,
a marriage strengthening initiative, in partnership with Chick-fil-A Restaurants (2006 - to present).

Jim Campana, CDFA &
Marlene Campana, MBA, MA
Co-Executive Directors

Marriage Builders Resource Center, Inc.
We are a non-profit, faith-based agency and affiliate of the national Marriage Savers organization founded in 1996
by Michael and Harriet McManus. Marriage Savers® has been profiled on NBC, CBS, ABC, the Oprah Winfrey Show, two PBS specials in 2002, and were on Focus on the Family in May of 2004.

Marriage & Family Wellness: Corporate America's Business?
Executive Summary

While traditionally the world of business and the world of marriage and family relationships have remained disconnected, it is clear they have a major impact on each other. Building marriage and family wellness improves a company's overall financial health, while ignoring these opportunities can decrease a company's profitability.
Download Executive Summary
(PDF document)
Marriage & Family Wellness: Corporate America's Business?
Full Report

In this report Drs. David Olson and Matthew Turvey have framed for us a clear picture of why Corporate America has a stake in the renaissance of marriage and family in America. Consistent and compelling research supports what CEOs know intuitively: employees who enjoy relational health at home, in their marriage, and among their peers are more productive and make better leaders.
Download Full Report (This is a 3MB PDF file. It may take a few moments to download. Thank you for your patience.)
TIME Magazine: Why Marriage Matters
(PDF document)

Click on the image above to download a free resource about the Top 10 issues facing today's family

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